Esqapes massage center uses VR to offer ‘immersive relaxation’

On July 5, a new massage center will open in Los Angeles, but it won’t resemble the type of spas you’re familiar with. Called Esqapes, the center will combine automated massaging technology with virtual reality to transport customers into a different, more relaxing environment. The company calls this an ‘immersive relaxation experience,’ one that is like ‘a mini vacation’ without … Continue reading

AntiShanty camping trailer morphs from gear box into high-roofed wilderness cabin

No indication on pricing, but it should be well cheaper than the other dual-personality gear-hauler/camper trailer ...

It's not quite a basic cargo trailer, not quite a rolling A-frame. The AntiShanty trailer is more than meets the eye, part-time cargo box and part-time tiny aluminum cabin in the woods. It's a mobile mountain hut for surf bums and dirtbag climbers, carrying everything from an ATV, to dirt bikes, to boards, to a mess of camping gear before converting over to a mini-lodge with 9-foot (2.7-m) peaked ceiling and modular bunk beds. It's the latest in a camper market that's quickly shifting to meet the needs of a younger, faster, more active breed of adventure traveler.

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Netflix ‘Sandman’ project tipped as most expensive DC show ever

Netflix plans to adapt Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic from DC Comics into a television series, a new report claims. This won’t be the first time the comic has faced a big adaption, though past efforts have largely failed. The leak claims Netflix has made a ‘massive financial commitment’ for this adaption, allegedly making it the most expensive DC Entertainment work … Continue reading