Faceoff Deluxe+ Switch controller with 3.5mm audio jack arrives July 22

PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe+ wired controller for Nintendo Switch will arrive on July 22, the company has announced. Unlike most competing products, the Faceoff Deluxe+ features a built-in headphone jack for voice chat, enabling users to easily talk with friends while playing Fortnite and certain other games. The model was first revealed in April, but availability and pricing details weren’t available … Continue reading

Apple’s latest ‘For All Mankind’ trailer explains the show’s origins

Apple knows the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 is right around the corner, and it's using that as an opportunity to offer a new trailer sharing more about the origins of its alternate history Apple TV+ show For All Mankind. Co-creator Ron Moore, exec...

Sling TV is offering a big service credit for new Fire TV customers

In the days when streaming live television was more of a new novelty than a common method for getting TV, companies competed for subscribers by offering free streaming devices and other perks. Though these deals aren’t quite as great or common as they once were, we’ve seen a number of notable promotions pop up over the months, the most recent … Continue reading

The RAF's new sub-hunter aircraft takes to the air

The first Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft for the United Kingdom lifts off from Renton, WA for ...

Boeing announced today that the first of the RAF's new maritime patrol aircraft has made its maiden flight in the skies over Renton, Washington. Attended by British Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Royal Air Force personnel as well as Boeing P-8 program leaders, the twin-engine P-8A Poseidon jet took off at 10:00 am on July 12 for a 90-minute test flight that will be followed by the installation of military systems.

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SpaceX reveals what caused Crew Dragon explosion

In late April, the SpaceX Crew Dragon suffered an ‘anomaly’ during a Crew Dragon engine test in Cape Canaveral, resulting in smoke and speculation. The company soon confirmed that the explosion had destroyed the Crew Dragon and now it is back with more information about what went wrong. A leaking component, according to the company, likely set off a series … Continue reading

Report: Teen alcohol and cigarette use plummets, weed stays steady

Your highschool health teacher was right. There was only a small number of other kids in your school that actually, actively smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol. The most recent study of high school-aged students in the USA published by the CDC on the matter showed that alcohol and cigarette use was falling – while use of marijuana went up, then … Continue reading