Amazon ‘Personal Shopper’ offers Prime members curated clothing

Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe has introduced a new service called Personal Shopper. With this, Amazon has officially started competing with services like Stitch Fix, making it possible for Prime members to get a package of curated clothing for various styles and budgets. The service is exclusive for Prime members located in the United States and gives customers the option of returning … Continue reading

LightSail 2 solar spacecraft proves viability of ‘flight by light’

The Planetary Society has announced that its LightSail 2 solar spacecraft has managed to raise its orbit using only solar power, successfully demonstrating that flight powered by light is a viable option for CubeSats. The milestone follows the unfurling of LightSail 2’s solar sail last week, which itself followed the spacecraft’s launch in late June. LightSail 2 is a solar-powered … Continue reading

You won’t get $125 from Equifax: FTC admits penalty fund is way too small

The FTC has issued a statement warning consumers impacted by the Equifax security breach that they won’t receive the $125 cash payments available to claim. The reason, the FTC says, is due to the relatively small $31 million ‘pot of money’ set aside for these claims under the company’s settlement with the agency. As more people claim the cash payout, … Continue reading

House of Marley Liberate Air true wireless earbuds are eco-friendly

House of Marley is the latest audio company to release a pair of truly wireless earbuds, meaning two earpieces and a battery storage case. Called Liberate Air, the company says its earbuds are made from sustainable materials, offering that eco-friendly edge some competing products are missing. The company packs a number of notable features into the model, including weather resistance … Continue reading

Whoops, time to ditch Netflix

A security researcher found something bad in a Netflix app. He tweeted, “Hey Netflix why does your Android app want physical activity data?” Apps distributed by Google Play that abide by the most recent set of rules set by Android must ask the end user for permission to access data generated by certain parts of their phone. Netflix never asked … Continue reading

Cockroach-inspired robot survives being stepped on

The robot is presently externally powered, but an onboard battery is on the way

Not only do cockroaches give many people the creeps, but often when you step on one of the critters, it just keeps on scurrying. Such resilience would be a good feature for mini-robots designed to scout disaster sites – among other applications – which is why scientists have created just such a device.

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