Minecraft will soon offer Microsoft’s Immersive Reader for game text

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader, a tool that helps users read text and improve their reading skills, is coming to the educational version of Minecraft. The addition was announced on Thursday as one of multiple changes arriving in Minecraft: Education Edition, all of them focused on improving the learning and classroom aspects of the game. Minecraft: Education Edition is a version of … Continue reading

Huawei’s second Mate X foldable phone design looks even smarter

Huawei may have delayed the launch of its Mate X foldable smartphone, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t already thinking up more in the flexible OLED series, and according to a freshly-revealed design patent it’s also considering taking the opposite approach. The Huawei Mate X managed to outshine Samsung’s big Galaxy Fold announcement, taking Mobile World Congress 2019 by … Continue reading

Cannondale's new gravel bike features unique rear suspension

Cannondale's Topstone Carbon features a single pivot in the seat tube

"Gravel bikes" are becoming increasingly popular, as they combine some of the toughness of mountain bikes with the speed of road bikes. Given that they travel on dirt trails and unpaved roads, though, some suspension might be good – and that's what Cannondale's new Topstone Carbon offers, in a novel fashion.

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McCormick SUMR HITS 5000 concept grill has a built-in DJ station

McCormick, the company best known for its spices, has revealed the SUMR HITS 5000, a concept grill with a built-in ‘DJ Station.’ The grill is packed with custom software and hardware so that cooks can create their own tunes while grilling. Key to the system is how it works with the act of grilling — food placement dictates which sounds … Continue reading

The Mars 2020 rover just hit a wheely big milestone

NASA’s new Mars 2020 rover has finally got its wheels, with the countdown to blast-off now only twelve months out. Handiwork of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, the Mars rover is expected to join Curiosity on the red planet and pave the way for an eventual manned mission there. That’s a lot of responsibility resting on the little … Continue reading

Google kills tablet development

A report and confirmation from Google SVP of Devices and Services Rick Osterloh today say Google is axing tablets. This means that for the foreseeable future, Google won’t be designing and/or ordering manufacturing for tablet devices for Chrome OS or Android. According to Osterloh, “Google’s HARDWARE team will be solely focused on building laptops moving forward.” At the time this … Continue reading