NASA backs lunar exploration and asteroid mining technology concepts

The Mini Bee is one of two deep-space mining concepts NASA has backed for further development

NASA has greenlit two deep-space mining concepts for further development. The Phase III awards from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program are worth up to US$2 million over a two-year period and will fund a project to develop an autonomous Moon prospecting rover and a robotic mining system to extract water and other volatiles from asteroids.

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Apex Legends update fixes two Caustic Nox Gas Trap bugs

Respawn has released the latest update for battle royale game Apex Legends, bringing a number of bug fixes ahead of the major season 2 release. Most notable among the bug fixes is an adjustment to Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap, preventing it from damaging players on the other side of a wall. The patch also addresses an exploit related to Caustic’s … Continue reading

Disney Plus will reboot Chip ‘n’ Dale and debut new Monsters series

Disney has announced plans to reboot its classic animated television show Chip ‘n’ Dale for its Disney Plus streaming service. The series will introduce a modern take on the ’90s hit, and it’ll be joined by a roster of other original kids shows, including a new series called “Monsters at Work.” As the name suggests, that show will involve the … Continue reading

These JLab AirPods-rivals pack a hefty 70 hours of battery

Completely wireless earbuds like Apple AirPods and Beats Powerbeats Pro are all well and good, but what if you need more than the average battery life? JLab Audio believes it has the answer, with the new Epic Air Sport promising a total of 70 hours of playtime – enough to get you from San Francisco to London seven times over. … Continue reading

Shorelines could be protected from wind and waves – by a floating forest

Anchored offshore of at-risk areas, the curved floating structure would measure approximately one kilometer in length

Wind storms can cause a great deal of damage to coastal areas, producing waves that erode the shoreline and destroy facilities such as marinas. A newly-proposed "floating forest" could help, however, by blocking both the wind and the waves.

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Google Soli radar magic tipped for Pixel 4

Come in, radar, this is Pixel 4 – Pixel 4 calling, over. Today there’s rumor that the Google Pixel 4 will make use of Google’s recently-FCC-approved Project Soli chip. That’s a chip that enables a device to employ radar to detect tiny changes in the space its scanning – movement, mostly – human hand movement, primarily. This sort of crossover … Continue reading

Beyond Meat’s ‘meatier’ plant burgers can be tenderized like beef

California company Beyond Meat has announced its intention to launch a ‘meatier’ version of its plant-based burger in stores throughout the United States. The news arrives amid Nestle’s own plan to launch a plant-based ‘beef’ patty product called Awesome Burger and Impossible Burger’s arrival on the Burger King menu. Though ‘veggie burgers’ have been available for years, the new crop … Continue reading