Acer Swift 7 Review: The impossibly thin ultrabook

Acer has launched one of the thinnest, lightest laptops available with the new Swift 7 model. This insanely svelte ultrabook sports a 14-inch display, two USB-C ports, and an impossibly slim design that demands attention. The laptop arguably sets a new bar for ultrabooks as far as portability is concerned, but how does it perform as an everyday work and … Continue reading

Terraria’s massive Journey’s End update will finish eight years of content

Pretty much everyone who owns a gaming PC knows what Terraria is by now. The little indie adventure game first launched way back in 2011 and almost immediately, comparisons were drawn between it and Minecraft. Fast forward to today in 2019 and Terraria has enjoyed enduring popularity on Steam, with three updates that have each vastly expanded content launching at … Continue reading

With some help from the sun, oyster mushrooms could fight TB

Although fresh oyster mushrooms don't contain much vitamin D, they produce quite a bit when exposed ...

In developing nations with limited infrastructure, obtaining and storing vitamin supplements can be difficult. With that in mind, German scientists are now suggesting that people in such regions could fight tuberculosis (TB) by ingesting something else – oyster mushrooms that have been sitting in the sun.

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Ubisoft is launching its own subscription service called Uplay+

One of the most surprising things to come out of Ubisoft’s E3 show is news that the company is gearing up to launch its own subscription gaming service. With Uplay+, as its called, users will have access to more than 100 Ubisoft PC games spanning its various franchises. Essentially, Ubisoft is following the lead of companies like EA and Microsoft … Continue reading

Gmail dynamic email gets a full release date

Google is bringing dynamic email in Gmail to all users, expanding on the beta that launched earlier this year. Building on AMP, the feature will allow for interactive messages that will mean users can treat the body of an email much as they would a webpage, all without leaving their inbox. Google launched the beta of dynamic emails back in … Continue reading

Hackers steal traveler photos and license plates from US Customs

If you were wondering why it can be risky for governments to collect traveler images en masse on connected systems... well, here's why. US Customs and Border Protection has confirmed that hackers stole traveler images from a subcontractor, including...