Gwyneth Paltrow had no idea she was in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and owner of controversial company GOOP, had no idea she was in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. The revelation happened during an episode of “The Chef Show,” during which time a conversation turned to confusion when director Jon Favreau brought it up. “I was in Avengers,” Paltrow existed, appearing increasingly concerned. The revelation happened during the first episode … Continue reading

Westfalia's smart, connected Mercedes pop-top camper van pops out as well as up

Westfalia hasn't said how the expansion module deploys and retracts, but given that the James Cook ...

Westfalia is known the world over for its pop-up camper vans, so much so that you'll still find terms like "Westfalia-style roof" substituted for "pop-up roof," even though many other companies around the world offer them. But Westfalia's latest pop-top van features a little more "pop" than even longtime fans might be expecting. In addition to popping up, the all-new James Cook expands out the back, increasing interior space and bed size. The sub-6-m (19.8-ft) James Cook combines the everyday maneuverability of a Sprinter 144 with the living space of a longer-wheelbase van, and it packs the latest smart home-style camper tech to boot.

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FedEx says it won’t renew US Express contract with Amazon

FedEx decided it won’t renew its FedEx Express US domestic contract with Internet retailer Amazon, the company revealed on Friday. Though the company’s existing contracts with Amazon will remain in place, FedEx will no longer provide express service for Amazon, which the company says represented a little over a single percent of its annual revenue last year. In its place, … Continue reading

Dietary supplements are causing ‘severe’ health issues in kids

A new study led by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health warns that dietary supplements are causing serious health issues in some kids and teens who consume them. These supplements, which are typically available to purchase over-the-counter at places like gas stations and grocery stores, claim to offer benefits like better energy and improved sports performance. READ: Study warns … Continue reading

Trash and dead bodies tallied after massive Mount Everest cleanup

Every spring when climbing conditions are more favorable, hundreds of people make the trek up Mount Everest alongside porters and guides in hopes of conquering the world’s highest mountain. Popularity has increased over the years, resulting in a large quantity of trash scattered along the hiking route. A recent cleanup effort by the Nepal government sought to remove some of … Continue reading

E3 2019: What to expect from Microsoft, Nintendo, and EA

E3 2019 is nearly upon us, but though the show doesn’t officially start until next week, the big announcements from major publishers and platform holders will start coming down the line this weekend. Though the number of publishers hosting press conferences at E3 has slimmed a little bit in 2019, there’s still plenty to look forward to. Obviously, most of … Continue reading