ESPN will host two Apex Legends tournaments this summer

ESPN has unveiled EXP, an event series that will feature esports competitions at the network’s events. Electronic Arts and ESPN have teamed up to bring Apex Legends tournaments to both the X Games Minneapolis 2019 and The 2019 ESPYS this summer. According to ESPN, competitions under EXP will feature a combination of pro-am, professional, and collegiate formats across multiple genres … Continue reading

Netflix tests mobile app feed with trailers, photos, and other ‘extras’

Netflix is following the lead of many other tech companies before it with the introduction of a feed in its mobile app. Called ‘Extras,’ the feed is appearing for a small number of Netflix users on the company’s mobile app, where they’re given access to a dedicated scrolling page of content related to the company’s vast video library. Feeds are … Continue reading

Smartphone-activated food labels may replace best-before dates

The labels have been successfully lab-tested on chicken and fish

Although the best-before dates on our foods may stop us from eating spoiled items, they can also cause us to toss out food that's really still good. New phone-powered labels could help, by notifying users when the food is actually starting to go "off."

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Fox Sports will stream every Women’s World Cup game in 4K

Fox Sports offered 4K streams for the 2018 FIFA World Cup last year, but in order to watch them, you had to own a HiSense TV. For the Women's World Cup that begins Friday in France, those higher quality streams will be more readily available. The net...

A vital Game of Thrones vs ASOIAF fan theory says Greyjoys will change all

As George R.R. Martin said multiple times in the past, television and novels are two very different mediums. Game of Thrones the television series followed the books pretty spot-on to start – and stuck with a lot of the eventual deaths and lives of the characters in a very general way. Now that we’ve reached the end of the television … Continue reading

EA apologizes after ‘Battlefield V’ miscast a real-life antifascist

EA still has trouble with Battlefield V, albeit not in the way you might have expected. The company is changing the name of one of its purchasable Elite characters, Wilhelm Franke, after Vice pointed out that he shared the name of a real resistance...

Amazon’s new Prime Air delivery drone features hybrid design

Amazon has a new version of its Prime Air delivery drone, and it just unveiled it at the company’s re:MARS 2019 conference. The new model is described as featuring a ‘hybrid design’ with improved stability and efficiency, as well as better safety than the previous version. This model is capable of vertical takeoffs and landings like a helicopter, can fly … Continue reading