Apple CarPlay could be iOS 13’s most important update

Apple CarPlay will get some huge changes in iOS 13, and while the new iPhone software has a number of improvements, it’s the driving software that may be most important. 90-percent of new cars sold in the US now support CarPlay, a dashboard-specific interface that offers a safer, cleaner UI for drivers. With iOS 13, CarPlay is getting a big … Continue reading

10 things you missed at WWDC 2019

Apple made a number of announcements during its WWDC 2019 keynote today — so many, in fact, that you probably missed a few. We’ve combed over all the details Apple released today and found a bunch you may have missed the first time around, including small things like a new batch of Apple Watch bands and large things like the … Continue reading

‘Unprecedented’ 3D magnetic interactions could change computing

The field of spintronics, or spin electronics, uses an electron's spin and its magnetic movement to encode instructions and other data. It's sometimes seen as an alternative to electronics, which relies on the electron's charge to encode data. While...

Volkswagen obliterates Nürburgring electric record by over 40 seconds

Volkswagen's ID.R in action at Nürburgring-Nordschleife

Volkswagen built its ID.R with the intention of showing what the heads in its electric drive division are capable of, and it only took a few months after its unveiling for the zero-emission race car to claim a record at the iconic Pikes Peak. The twin-engine electric racer has now built on this with yet another momentous showing at Nürburgring-Nordschleife, where it has broken the lap record for electric vehicles by a whopping 40.564 seconds.

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iTunes isn’t dead

I'll admit it. I had an emotional response to the idea that iTunes, the app that shaped my digital music habit, could be on the way out. With every iPod I owned, iTunes was the lifeline, the sole method for adding to and organizing the precious colle...

Nestle will launch plant-based ‘Awesome Burger’ in US this year

Nestle is about to launch a competitor for the Impossible Burger, and it’s called ‘Awesome Burger.’ The awfully similar name aside, Nestle’s plant-based burger targets vegetarians, eco-conscious consumers, and anyone who wants to reduce their personal meat consumption. The product will be launched in the United States later this year, and it’ll be a bit different than classic veggie meats. … Continue reading

Apple finally brings mouse support to iPad with iPadOS

Apple has at long last answered the hopes and dreams of people hoping for mouse support on iPad. With the new iPadOS, you'll be able to hook up a USB mouse or the likes of Apple's Magic Trackpad, as iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered once...