Instagram’s IGTV now supports horizontal videos

Instagram’s standalone video platform IGTV finally supports horizontal videos, the company has announced. The video app was, until now, limited to vertical content, which is arguably better suited for mobile devices but overall less popular than landscape orientation. The change is based on feedback from both viewers and creators, according to Instagram, which revealed in a post this week that … Continue reading

Always-listening Alexa could skip the wake word – if you trusted it

A newly published Amazon patent application details technology that would enable Alexa to listen to what you say before you summon her. The ‘pre-wakework speech processing’ ability would support phrases that put the wake word (‘Alexa,’ for example) after the command instead of before it. The technology would fix the ‘problem’ of clunky wake word placement in phrases. Alexa users, … Continue reading

New legislation seeks mandatory alert system for kids left in cars

Newly proposed legislation seeks the mandatory inclusion of forgotten child alerts in all new vehicles. The technology, which is currently available as third-party accessories, alerts drivers to the presence of a child in the back seat of a vehicle, helping reduce the number of tragic hot car deaths. The full legislation will be published for the public to read in … Continue reading

Flipper-legged robot runs, swims, and is ready to hit the bigtime

The hexapod Aqua2 on the showroom floor of ICRA 2019

Back in 2013, we heard about an all-terrain walking robot known as RHex. Designed in a collaboration between McGill University and the University of Pennsylvania, it used six flipper-like legs to scamper around. Now, its successor is taking to the briny depths.

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Hopsy SUB Compact Tap Review: Mini beer keg machine in effect

Over the last couple weeks we’ve had a Hopsy SUB Compact Tap on the review bench, and it’s been pouring. This machine is a “compact home draft appliance”, a machine that pours beer from miniature kegs. The kegs are delivered each month, and I would (if I’d actually subscribed) be sent six Mini-Kegs per month at approximately $15 USD a … Continue reading

Congress could require a car alarm for kids left inside

In the past 20 years, more than 800 children have died of heatstroke in cars in the US. Now, a group of lawmakers wants to require alerts that would remind parents to check for children in the backseat before exiting the vehicle. Legislation announce...

Plex improves Apple TV music experience and refines iOS controls

Plex on Apple TV has been updated with new audio features that makes it far more appealing to audiophiles and other discerning music lovers. With the new software version comes support for direct playback of high-quality audio, including FLAC and AAC, as well as gapless transitions, soft pauses, and more. As well, Plex has refined some controls on iOS and … Continue reading