Rubicon bolts the roof-top tent to your hitch and creates a platform base camp

Built sturdy for overland expedition use, the Rubicon Hitch Tent puts your two- or three-person roof ...

If you were looking over an SUV or truck trying to find the roof-top tent (RTT), the most logical place to look would be ... the roof. But California startup Rubicon Expedition Products wants people to expand their idea of what a roof-top tent is and where it belongs on the vehicle. Its Hitch Tent system drops the roof tent down to hitch level, making it easier to load and unload and freeing up the vehicle for day trips. The integrated frame stands the tent above the cold, rocky ground below.

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San Francisco bans city use of facial recognition

San Francisco is following through on talk of banning facial recognition tech. The city's Board of Supervisors has voted 8-1 in favor of a bill, the Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance, that bans city government (including police) from using facial r...

Fortnite v9.01 update downtime revealed: Here’s what to expect

Tomorrow will bring the anticipated version 9.01 update for Fortnite Season 9, Epic has announced. Players can expect the update’s downtime to start in the early morning hours, bringing a new round of changes and improvements. What will Fortnite v9.01 offer? You can expect a new weapon, and there will likely be some big bug fixes. Epic Games announced the … Continue reading

Twitter’s new tool helps users avoid anti-vax misinformation

Twitter has launched a new tool that helps protect its users from anti-vaccination misinformation, the company has announced. The tool targets certain keywords that may expose users to anti-vax materials, including ‘vaccine,’ and it works by directing the user to the government website The tool was launched in partnership with the US Department of Health & Human Services. According … Continue reading

The Mercedes all-electric EQC is luxury first, EV second

The interior of the EQC is quiet. Well, it would be if the rain would let up. But the whir of electric motors has all but been eliminated from the cabin. Mercedes actually created subframes to detach the powerplants from the main body of the car. The...

2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV First Drive: Luxury EV in motion

Whenever a carmaker unveils a new electric car, I tend to get excited. With the seismic changes in today’s automotive industry, the introduction of a new EV is more than just the usual fanfare of presenting a new model to the public. It signifies the current direction of a particular carmaker. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, it took some time … Continue reading