Instagram will block hashtags spreading fake news about vaccines

Just one day after coming under fire for inconsistent practices in its handling of misinformation about vaccines, Instagram told Engadget that it will block hashtags that surface "verifiably false" information regarding vaccinations. The new policy w...

New PlayStation VR bundles offer golf, action, and animatronic horror

Later this month, Sony will release two new PlayStation VR bundles with the hardware players need to get started with the system, as well as games ranging from golf to action and horror. The games come in the form of both Blu-ray discs and digital voucher codes (depending on title), and they’re joined by the expected PS VR demo disc … Continue reading

Blue Origin unveils lunar lander ‘Blue Moon’ and BE-7 rocket engine

Jeff Bezos has unveiled ‘Blue Moon,’ the lunar lander from private space company Blue Origin. The lander was revealed alongside the new BE-7 rocket engine during a media presentation on Thursday. Bezos called the moon ‘a gift,’ saying that it is a good spot for humanity to start manufacturing in space. Blue Origin will test fire the BE-7 rocket engine … Continue reading

‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ still exists, and here’s video proof

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a big deal. It's the upgraded, high-fidelity version of a legendary installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, and it's been blanketed in mystery since its announcement four years ago. Today, Sony revealed a new trailer f...

Sonos smart speakers will get Google Assistant support next week

Sonos will finally launch Google Assistant support for its smart speakers next week. The plan was revealed in the company’s Q2 2019 financial report, where Sonos said that it experienced ‘strong results’ with record second quarter revenue of $210 million. The confirmation follows extensive beta testing by the company, which had originally planned to add the support months ago. The … Continue reading

Contravans turns SUVs, minivans and AWD wagons into camper vans for $995+

Contravans shows a minivan camper with some extra space

Forget camper vans, Contravans builds camper minivans, camper SUVs and camper wagons. Following up on its cargo van conversion kits, it now offers full minivan conversions and lighter utility vehicle kits, furnishing the full spectrum of vehicles to the needs of outdoor adventurers. Whether you're driving a Subaru Outback, Toyota 4Runner, Dodge Grand Caravan or another urban or mountain-town vehicle, a Contravans kit makes it a functional, affordable camper for whatever cross country voyage you have your eye on.

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