Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB 4K HDR projector is made for home theaters

Epson has a new projector designed for high-end home theaters, the Pro Cinema 6050UB 4K PRO-UHD projector with HDR10 support. The company claims its new model is the most advanced 4K project designed for home theaters — it offers a number of notable features, including 10-bit color output, the maker’s UltraBlack technology, and 2600 lumens of white and color brightness. … Continue reading

New type of plastic can be recycled indefinitely without quality loss

Berkeley Lab scientists have announced the development of a new plastic that can be recycled many times over again, including in different shapes and colors, without experiencing quality loss. According to an announcement from the lab, the new material is called poly(diketoenamine), aka PDK, and it can be broken down at the molecular level for reassembly into new things. Recycling … Continue reading

UDS drug tests show false-positives for these common meds

Today we’re going to have a chat about drugs, and how the medication you’re likely taking could lead to a false-positive on a urine drug screen (UDS). This isn’t a new topic, but it becomes more important the longer the common immunoassay drug tests are in use. A wide variety of “routinely prescribed medications” have appeared as false-positives in UDS … Continue reading

Fortnite downtime details revealed, plus futuristic Season 9 teasers

Earlier this week, Epic revealed that Fortnite Season 9 will release on May 9 (that’s tomorrow!), bringing with it the latest Battle Pass and new batch of content. As expected, Epic has revealed the precise downtime schedule that will take place tomorrow, and it’s early: players have until 1AM PT / 4AM ET to complete their remaining tiers before the … Continue reading