Gut bacteria research paves way for probiotic depression treatment

Over the years, scientists have strengthened the link between gut bacteria and mental health, among other aspects of one’s overall health, indicating that our unique gut bacteria profiles may have a profound effect on psychiatric conditions, such as depression. A new study from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia adds to this body of evidence, detailing the outcome of gut bacteria transplants … Continue reading

FTC sues ‘iBackPack’ founder for deceiving crowdfunding backers

After a months-long investigation into the practices of the crowdfunding campaign for iBackPack, the Federal Trade Commission announced today that it will sue the company's founder for misusing funds provided by backers. According to the agency, proj...

Facebook video ranking tweak gives original content priority

Facebook announced an upcoming change to its video ranking on Monday, stating that it will boost its prioritization of original content to help creators grow their audiences, among other things. The changes will roll out over ‘coming months,’ according to the company, and they’ll revolve around three factors that Facebook says have an impact on how a video ranks. Facebook … Continue reading

Apple’s first iPhone game in over a decade stars Warren Buffett

Apple doesn't do gags by half-measures, apparently. Tim Cook made an appearance at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting where he jokingly suggested in a short film that Warren Buffett could have a newspaper-tossing iPhone game, but it turns out that...

SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft successfully docks with ISS

Over the weekend, SpaceX launched its Dragon cargo spacecraft packed with supplies for the International Space Station. Now, two days later, NASA has confirmed that the spacecraft successfully docked with the ISS, bringing with it more than 5,500lbs of cargo that includes hardware, research materials, and supplies for crew members. This marks SpaceX’s 17th contracted commercial resupply mission. According to … Continue reading

Urbanears Pampas wireless headphones offer 30 hour battery life

Swedish company Urbanears has announced its newest headphones model, the Pampas. These wireless over-ear headphones promise a combination of style and functionality, the most notable of which is more than 30 hours of audio playback on a single battery charge. The model offers audio sharing with a friend, USB-C charging, and more. The new Pampas model is large but minimalist, … Continue reading