Tumblr up for sale with Verizon tipped in multiple buyer talks

Verizon wants to sell Tumblr, according to a new leak, and it has reportedly already talked with multiple companies about passing it on. Tumblr currently exists under Verizon Media Group, which was previously known as Oath, the business formed with the services and websites Verizon acquired from AOL and Yahoo. This alleged sales process is described as ‘ongoing’ by the … Continue reading

Fortnite players are instantly dying in this popular Tilted Towers spot

Fortnite is all about survival, and that makes glitchy ‘instant death’ spots extra frustrating. Players have reported these random, unintentional elimination points multiple times in the past, including in areas near Fatal Fields and, more recently, near the volcano. Yet another instant death spot has been discovered, this time in Tilted Towers. An instant death spot, at least in Fortnite … Continue reading

Google manually reviewed a million suspected terrorist videos on YouTube

In the first three months of 2019, Google manually reviewed more than a million suspected "terrorist videos" on YouTube, Reuters reports. Of those reviewed, it deemed 90,000 violated its terrorism policy. That means somewhere around nine percent of t...

Researchers bet you’ll eat maggots if they’re disguised in food

A number of past studies have warned that the world’s current meat consumption habits — including the types of meat consumed — are unsustainable. ‘Alternative meats,’ namely insects, are often cited as the protein of the future, but many Westerners express a reluctance toward eating them. That may change, researchers speculate, if the insects are offered in the form of … Continue reading