23andMe adds new genetic test for type 2 diabetes predisposition

Genetics company 23andMe has announced plans to start offering a test that’ll help reveal whether the customer is predisposed to developing type 2 diabetes. The test targets one of the most common preventable diseases in the United States, potentially serving as a motivational tool to help spur some customers into making important lifestyle changes. The test looks at a number … Continue reading

Lawsuit accuses Google of hefty payouts to execs accused of misconduct

Google's handling of sexual misconduct by executives is coming under more scrutiny thanks to new details emerging from a shareholder lawsuit. Investors have claimed Google chief Larry Page granted Android creator Andy Rubin a $150 million stock gran...

Microsoft says 800 million devices are running Windows 10

Microsoft has updated its Windows 10 figures, saying there are now more than 800 million devices running the operating system. This is about 100 million more than the company announced last August, when it said it hit its 700 million devices milestone. The company still has a way to go before ultimately reaching its 1 billion Windows 10 devices goal, … Continue reading

Genetically modified salmon can now be imported into the US

The Food and Drug Administration has ended its 2016 import alert on genetically modified salmon, pointing to its past analysis of evidence related to the fish, as well as its approval of genetically modified salmon from AquAdvantage. The import alert had resulted from Congress, which ordered the FDA to block genetically engineered salmon from entering the US until final labeling … Continue reading

NCAA March Madness Live streams on Oculus Go

It'll be particularly easy to stream NCAA March Madness games this year, especially if you'd rather watch matches in total privacy. The NCAA and CBS are making the March Madness Live app available on 17 platforms for 2019, including first-time suppo...

DirecTV NOW $10 price increase incoming: Here’s why

A ten dollar price increase was tipped this afternoon for all DIRECTV NOW users. That’ll apparently make the standard package DIRECTV NOW cost around $50 a month – and it’ll be re-named DIRECTV NOW Plus. This smaller of two packages will have “40+ channels” and will replace the standard DIRECTV NOW package that currently costs $40 USD. The larger of … Continue reading