Fallout 76 Nuka Dark Rum: The Truth About Glass

There’s a new tie-in product for Fallout 76, and it’s not for the everyday average gamer. You might’ve heard about Nuka Cola – especially if you’ve played a Fallout game before – and you might also have heard early chatter about this Nuka Dark Rum. It was to be a glorious bottle of rum made in the grand tradition of … Continue reading

How to stream New Year’s Eve 2019 countdowns

If you'd rather stream New Year's Eve celebrations in North America than venture outside, you'll have plenty of options... including a novelty or two. The most notable example comes from Times Square itself, which will show the New York City ball dro...

Beijing uses face-detecting smart locks to curb public housing abuses

China's ever-growing reliance on facial recognition is spreading to public housing. Beijing is ramping up the use of face-detecting smart locks in public housing projects to bolster security for tenants (such as denying access to strangers) and crac...

Fortnite New Year’s Eve event drops a ball, forces players to dance

It’s already 2019 in certain parts of the world and thanks to those time zone differences, those of us still existing in 2018 have received an early look at what happens in Fortnite when the clock ticks over. Epic Games is known for its fun surprises, many of which happen live in the game at scheduled times or to coincide … Continue reading

Ultima Thule: Live photo updates beyond Pluto

Members of the NASA New Horizons team delivered remarks just after the historic flyby of Ultima Thule, the most distant space body we’ve ever observed with a flyby. This even occurred right around 3PM Eastern Time, and all seems to have gone according to plan. Now we’ll just have to wait a bit before we see any media – it … Continue reading

Amazon tipped to expand Whole Foods stores across the US

Amazon is planning to expand its physical store presence throughout the US in a big way, a new report claims, by building new Whole Foods destinations. The alleged business plan will put more people within the coverage range for Amazon’s two-hour delivery service, the sources claim. The Internet giant has reportedly already scoped out multiple potential retail spaces for the … Continue reading