Bend your brain with the best optical illusions of 2018

The winning entry in this year's Best Illusion of the Year Contest presents a 2D picture ...

The mysteries of human perception are endlessly fascinating, and a good optical illusion is a brilliant reminder of how our brains can be so easily fooled. For over a decade the Neural Correlate Society has been running an annual competition celebrating the best new illusions, and the 2018 winners are sure to short-circuit your brain … in the best possible way.

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NASA camera captures spooky surprise in time for Halloween

NASA has cameras monitoring the entire planet Earth, not to mention a few corners of the universe around us. Every so often the space agency catches something surprising on camera, usually in the form a bright flash or a streaking fireball. One of NASA’s cameras had a different sort of surprise for researchers, though, bringing a bit of creepiness just … Continue reading

Mophie Charge Stream desk stand is a versatile Qi wireless charger

Mophie has launched its Charge Stream desk stand, a Qi wireless charging stand for the latest iPhone models, as well as certain Samsung phones and other devices that are Qi-enabled. Unlike some wireless chargers, the new Mophie model features a mostly vertical design, propping the phone up so that it can still be easily viewed and used. The Charge Stream … Continue reading

Amazon launches Music Skill API to bring more music to Alexa

Amazon has announced the general availability of its Music Skill API for Alexa, enabling developers to connect a music streaming service to the AI. The Music Skill API was first unveiled in September. With this ability, Alexa users can ask the assistant to play a song by a particular artist from a linked music service. Developers can take advantage of … Continue reading

Three-wheeled EV hits Indiegogo, along with a two-wheeled sidekick

The Hover-1 Aero may certainly turn some heads

Given the limited battery range of electric cars, they're typically used as around-town vehicles. With that in mind, do you really need a big, fast, expensive Tesla? If you don't think so, then perhaps Hover-1's Aero may be more to your liking. The New Jersey-based company is also offering an electric motorbike.

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