Two-way ion thruster could blow space junk out of orbit

An artist's (highly exaggerated) conception of space debris

A team of researchers led by Kazunori Takahashi of Tohoku University in Japan and the Australian National University have come up with plasma beam that can push space debris out of orbit. Mounted on a satellite, the two-way facing beam is produced by a bespoke ion thruster that uses its discharge to decelerate debris so it can burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.

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Royal Navy returns to the strike carrier business with first F-35B landing

The F-35B can land vertically

The Royal Navy is back in the strike carrier business as the first two F-35B Lightning II stealth fighters touched down on the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth on September 25. Under the control of Royal Navy Commander Nathan Gray and RAF Squadron Leader Andy Edgell, the VSTOL aircraft landed on the deck of the supercarrier before taking off again using the ship's ski jump on the first of more than 500 take-offs and landings scheduled over the next 11 weeks.

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Is your iPhone XS Max charging right?

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners, as well as people who have upgraded their existing iPhones and iPads to iOS 12, are in some cases reporting sporadic charging problems which mean their phones and tablets won’t recharge – despite being plugged in. The newest iPhones promise the longest battery life of an X-series device so far, with up to … Continue reading

Surface Pro and Surface Laptop update leaks have some terrible news

Microsoft’s big event may make relatively small changes this week in New York City, with its Surface refresh tipped to play it safe – or even disappointing – as it heads into holiday sales season. The software giant has summoned the media to NYC on Tuesday, October 2nd to reveal the latest fruits of its Surface computing team. However, some … Continue reading

3rd Gen Chromecast sold early, spoils Google surprise

Google’s big October Pixel 3 event may not be for another week, but the 3rd Gen Chromecast we’re expecting to see debut there has already shown up in the wild. The new version of Google’s streaming TV adapter isn’t meant to make its official appearance until October 9th, but it seems more than one retailer has pulled the trigger early. … Continue reading

Surface Pro and Surface Laptop may only receive simple spec bumps

We hope you weren't expecting major overhauls of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop at Microsoft's October 2nd event -- you might be disappointed. Sources for WinFuture have claimed that both the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 (not necessarily t...