MoviePass hikes price to $15 per month, limits first-run movie tickets

Days after a service outage and revelation of major financial troubles, MoviePass has announced a subscription price increase that will go live within the next 30 days. As well, the company has confirmed a recent report claiming upcoming restrictions on big releases, revealing plans to limit the availability of first-run movie tickets on more than a 1,000 screens across the … Continue reading

2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera first drive: A flagship to love

Third new model in the British car company’s Second Century Plan, the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Super GT is arguably the most striking so far. Aston’s goal of introducing seven new models in a span of just seven years is no small challenge, and when you’re replacing the much-loved Vanquish – not to mention aiming to lock heads with … Continue reading

NASA report highlights issues with 2025 ISS privatization plan

A report newly released by the NASA Office of Inspector General expresses concerns about the government’s plan to privatize the International Space Station. The ISS has been continually inhabited by humans for almost 20 years, providing researchers with a lab in space to conduct important research. The privatization plan is eyeing a 2025 deadline, but NASA warns that an extension … Continue reading