Ticketfly shuts down temporarily after hacker infiltrates site

Ticketfly, a ticket distribution service, has temporarily shut down after discovering a “cyber incident,” the company has revealed. Any attempts to access the Ticketfly website result in a message advising visitors of the event; the rest of the service is unavailable. The hacker had replaced the website’s with a new picture and a warning. Yesterday night, some Ticketfly visitors were … Continue reading

‘GTA: San Andreas’ gets Xbox One backwards compatibility

If your Xbox copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is stashed away on a shelf somewhere, you might want to pull it out as you'll have some use for it again next week. Starting next Thursday, Rockstar Games is adding backwards compatibility for the ga...

Microsoft launches news website that’s safe for young kids

Microsoft has announced a new product and updates to existing products that ultimately benefit kids and families. Chief among the new offerings is MSN Kids, a news website based on the existing MSN site, but one created specifically for children. As well, Microsoft has updated its Launcher app with new parental controls, added site blocking to Edge for Android, and … Continue reading

New medical gloves use a molecule to kill bacteria

The gloves are claimed to eradicate bacteria on contact, via an integrated

Healthcare-associated infections are definitely no good, but neither is the overuse of antibiotics, as it creates resistant strains of bacteria. With that in mind, a new type of medical gloves has been developed, that kills microbes without the use of added chemicals.

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Huge Fast Charge scheme to push urban EVs gets go-ahead

California has given the green light to almost $768m of EV charging infrastructure investment, with electric companies set to dramatically increase the number of fast charging locations to encourage zero-emission vehicle adoption. The California Public Utilities Commission had been hearing proposals by the utility companies as to how the state could deliver on its huge, five million zero-emission vehicle target … Continue reading