Overwatch’s new character Brigitte detailed: everything you need to know

Blizzard is currently testing new Overwatch character Brigitte Lindholm, the goddaughter of existing character Reinhardt Wilhelm. Brigitte is the game’s seventh support character; she brings with her a bunch of abilities developed, according to the game’s storyline, during training with Reinhardt. Blizzard classifies Brigitte as a “Support+” character with an armor speciality. The company explains that Brigitte has, until now, … Continue reading

Galactic evictions may have supplied the Milky Way’s stellar halo

Graphic showing the locations of Tri-And and A13 as oscillations, or waves created by a nearby ...

According to a newly published paper, the distant halo of stars that orbits the Milky Way could include parts of our own galaxy that were forcefully ejected following a dramatic collision or close pass with a smaller dwarf galaxy.

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To know what critters are around, just ask a leech

A leech of the genus Haemadipsa

If you're wondering what types of mammals are present in a given area of wilderness, why not check for their DNA in animals that feed on their blood – leeches? That's what researchers from the American Museum of Natural History have done, with good results.

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YouTube TV adds Seattle Sounders local broadcasts to its MLS slate

YouTube TV has landed another Major League Soccer deal, and this time you might be more likely to notice. As part of a multi-year agreement, the internet TV service is now the official streaming option for all Seattle Sounders FC games. Similar to th...

Sprint Galaxy S9 deal slashes $500 off price, includes $150 Visa gift card

Sprint will start taking Galaxy S9 and S9+ preorders on March 2, but ahead of that it has detailed the deals it has planned. The company boasts plans to offer the latest Samsung flagship Galaxy phones at the lowest monthly device rate of any major carrier, at least when it comes to offers that don’t require a down payment. Non-Sprint … Continue reading

CapSnap keeps your baseball hat clipped and clean

There’s an accessory called CapSnap out there that’s taking baseball hats as seriously as some people take sneakers. Imagine having a cap that you wear sometimes – not all the time, because that’s nuts – but pretty often. Now imagine that you don’t want to just jam it in your bag when you’re not wearing it. What do you do? … Continue reading

Porsche Mission E charger plan has Tesla in its sights

Porsche plans to turn every one of its US dealerships into a super-fast electric charging point, as it paves the way for its Tesla-fighting Mission E electric car. The automaker’s first all-electric production vehicle may be trailing cars like the Model S to market by several years, but Porsche is counting on fast charging stations several times more powerful than … Continue reading