Amazon wristband patent details tracker for warehouse employees

A newly discovered Amazon patent filed back in 2016 details a wearable device designed to track warehouse employees. Is the company developing such a product for its own warehouses? Perhaps. According to the patent, which was filed with the USPTO, the wearable can be used to monitor a warehouse worker’s performance based on their proximity to certain inventory bins. The … Continue reading

Bike wheel lights go battery-less

An Indiegogo campaign will be used to raise production funds for Arara lights

You've doubtless seen those little LEDs that can be fastened to a bicycle's spokes, that create a ring of light when the wheel is spinning. While they do make the bike much more visible at night, they're one more thing that needs batteries. Arara wheel lights, however, are powered by frame-mounted magnets.

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Samsung Uhssup trademark docs tease social messaging app

A Samsung trademark filing has appeared at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for the cringe-worthy name “Uhssup.” The name, a reference to a phrase akin to uh, hey, what’s up?, is for some sort of app that enables communication between friends who will also be able to share their current location with other users. In the filing, Samsung … Continue reading

We need a new Facebook [PART 1] [OPINION]

Facebook is a meat grinder full of of meaningless links, shares, and pseudo-motivational text over images. It’s a place where brands go to make their brands feel more personal. It’s the place where a tornado of false stories are shared between middle-aged communities who don’t know how to check their sources. It’s a place where smartphone users go because they’re … Continue reading