A giant planet is orbiting a tiny star and it has experts confused

Researchers have disclosed the discovery of a giant planet that is orbiting a comparatively tiny star, an unusual pairing that contradicts what scientists previously thought was possible. The planet is called NGTS-1b, and it is the largest planet, again comparatively speaking, to be orbiting such a small companion star, revealing that the pairing is indeed possible. The discovery was made … Continue reading

Chevy turns the Colorado ZR2 into a proper off-road expedition pickup

The ZR2 takes advantage of the highly off-road-capable ZR2 platform and brings along some accessories

With its innovative Multimatic DSSV dampers, rugged good looks, front and rear differential locks, and robust standard features package, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 seems poised to elbow its way into the overland expedition pickup segment that is usually dominated comfortably by the Toyota Tacoma. In fact, we were half expecting Chevy to have a ZR2 booth at Overland Expo West earlier this year. It didn't, but it is highlighting the truck's expedition potential at this week's SEMA Show, debuting the ZR2 AEV developed with the help of the experts at American Expedition Vehicles.

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Nikon blames smartphones for low camera demand, will close factory

It’s no secret that most people prefer using their smartphone’s camera rather than a dedicated digital camera. That reality has put a big dent in the compact point-and-shoot camera market, so much so that many major camera companies have had to make big changes in the past few years to stay afloat. Nikon is no exception, as the company will … Continue reading

BLU S1 is the maker’s first phone to support Sprint and Boost Mobile

BLU has announced the launch of its first smartphone for the Sprint network, making it suitable for use on both Sprint and prepaid carriers that use the network like Boost Mobile. As with BLU’s other phones, the S1 is sold unlocked at a rate lower than what you’d pay for most competing phones from a recognizable brand. The phone is … Continue reading