‘GTA Online’ update brings new multiplayer mode and patriotic swag

Rockstar's new update for Grand Theft Auto Online is (mostly) all about Independence Day, a holiday Americans will be celebrating through the weekend and, some, until Tuesday. The goods, which are now live, include an adversary mode dubbed "Dawn Raid...

DirecTV NOW is adding a bunch of local affiliate stations next week

AT&T has announced a big upcoming expansion to its DirecTV NOW television service, adding a large number of local affiliate stations. This channel expansion will take place starting next week; once it happens, DirecTV NOW’s local station offerings will cover nearly 70-percent of households in the US with television. The local stations, of course, are the same as the local … Continue reading

Moto E4 released as Android’s sweetest deal

Motorola is back with yet another budget phone, the Moto E4 unveiled earlier this month. This is the latest budget-friendly phone in Motorola’s Android lineup, and it is available as of today from a couple budget carriers: Ting and Republic Wireless. As we reported the other day, Amazon is also offering the phone unlocked through its special discounted phone lineup, … Continue reading

Tick spit could save hearts and lives

A cayenne tick, full of P991_AMBCA

Although ticks are generally thought of as being the spreaders of illness, they may actually be able to help save peoples' lives. According to a new study from the University of Oxford, proteins found in tick saliva could be used to treat a potentially fatal heart disease.

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Nova launcher update: new Pixely tricks, old Androids [APK Download]

Wait, you might be saying – didn’t Google Now come to Nova before? Yes, sort of – today’s update is about stability and the launch of Nova 5.3, specifically. While the “Nova Google Companion” is still necessary, Android purists will find this update to bring about a much more user-friendly set of features. The update includes a new version of … Continue reading

Facebook declares war on spammy link sharers

Facebook plans to fight fake news and spam sites by filtering out chronic over-sharers, who – so the social network’s research suggest – routinely end up filling your wall with clickbait. It’s the latest in the company’s attempts to cut down on the sort of often-baseless sensationalism that was particularly highlighted as a problem in the run-up to the US … Continue reading

Prehistoric lizard wasn’t what we thought

The fossilized Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi skeleton

Back in 2003, the fossilized remains of a prehistoric armored lizard known as Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi were discovered in Italy. The skeleton was disarticulated and incomplete, plus it was found with the remains of fish and marine reptiles, leading scientists to think that the lizard was aquatic. Now, however, thanks to a marvellously-complete skeleton found in the Alps of eastern Switzerland, that's no longer thought to be the case.

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