The ‘Wipeout’ sequel you’ve wanted isn’t coming from Sony

It's not a great time to be a Wipeout fan. Unless you're eager to re-play Wipeout HD through the Omega Collection, you don't exactly have many choices when it comes to hyper-stylized sci-fi racing. Take heart, however -- R8 Studios has released the f...

Sling TV begins rolling out traditional ‘grid’ channel guide

Live television is undergoing a revolution, and while it is mostly a welcomed thing — who doesn’t like the idea of contract-free live TV streaming? — it does have a downside: some of the new services are less-than-simple to navigate. While this may not be a problem for the youngest generation who will grow up exposed to these new-fangled interfaces, … Continue reading

Psoriasis sensor gets under peoples’ skin

RSOM tech uses lasers to generate ultrasound waves beneath the skin's surface

When doctors assess the inflammatory skin disease psoriasis, they generally do so via a visual examination of the red, scaly patches on the skin's surface. This can be subjective, however, plus it doesn't take into account what's going on at a deeper level. That's why German scientists from Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technical University of Munich have developed a handheld scanner that looks beneath the skin – and it doesn't expose the patient to any harmful radiation.

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Amazon patent details parachute label for drone deliveries

Another Amazon patent related to drone deliveries has surfaced, this one describing possible methods the company’s future delivery drones may utilize to get packages to customers. One big question regarding drone deliveries is how, exactly, the package will go from the drone in the sky to the person on the ground. The patent details one method — a package label … Continue reading