Vitamin-dispensing nanomesh designed to get on peoples’ nerves

The material could find use in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

For injuries in which nerves are severed, there are already conduits (basically tiny tubes) that can be used to hold the two ends together while they heal. These don't actually do anything to promote healing, however, plus they can't be used on nerves that are injured yet still in one piece. That's why scientists have developed a nanofiber "nerve-wrap" mesh that could be used to treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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RIAA calls DMCA ‘antiquated,’ wants piracy filters instead

The Recording Industry Association of America, more commonly known as the RIAA, is tired of the ‘antiquated’ process that is DMCA takedown requests. Both the RIAA and a total of 14 other groups have formally expressed their distaste for such takedowns, likening it to a game of whack-a-mole in which every request quickly results in a new listing for the … Continue reading

LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL

A spec-by-spec look at the LG G6 against the Google Pixel XL

Based on its specs and our brief hands-on time with the new LG G6, it's shaping up to be a very competitive flagship. How does it stack up to one of our favorite Android standard-bearers, the Google Pixel XL?

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Rocky Tatooine-like exoplanets could exist after all

Artist's impression of the white dwarf (left) and brown dwarf (right) that comprise SDSS 1557

An international team of scientists may have discovered debris from a metal-rich, rocky asteroid falling into a white dwarf that comprises one half of a distant binary star system. The presence of the asteroid suggests that rocky, and potentially habitable worlds could potentially form in a two-star system, not entirely unlike the fictional planet Tatooine on which Luke Skywalker was raised in the Star Wars universe.

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Urbanears Spring/Summer 2017 Color Collection headphones unveiled

Urbanears has introduced its new Spring/Summer 2017 Color Collection of headphones, of which there are three models available in different color options. According to the company, the newest models ‘take inspiration from bold shades of cosmic dust,’ hence the color options like Comet Green, Cosmos Purple, and Eclipse Blue. As with past collections, the headphones will be available from some … Continue reading

Bids to be sought for Trump’s border wall

The wall between the Mexico and US border, if it gets built, will be controversial politically ...

We've covered some controversial architecture projects in the past, but perhaps none more so than this: the wall being proposed by Donald Trump to be built along the southern border between the United States and Mexico. The US Department of Homeland Security has recently announced their intention to begin receiving concepts for the project in the next week.

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