Bathroom Tech That Gets Your Day Started Right

I’m never mad at technology designed to help me save time, make things more convenient, or add a little luxury in my life. So I’m all about a high-tech bathroom. Whether I’m trying to shave precious minutes off my morning routine, or unwinding at the end of the day, there are so many new products and fixtures that can bring your bathroom into the future. If you’re looking for honest-to-goodness problem solvers, or just plan wow factor, read on.


Echobox counts on hip crowd for its flask-shaped hi-res audio player

The Explorer X1 is a high resolution portable audio player with a flask-shaped outer skin

At first glance, the Explorer X1 has the look of a hip flask. But rather than offer a wee nip to help take the edge off a chilly autumn stroll, the X1 is aimed at satisfying a very different thirst. Echobox is taking aim at the modern audiophile's pocket with a high resolution media player housed in a curvy wooden jacket.

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Safe & Sound: Great Home Security Options for Renters

According to a Consumer Electronics Association study, only 12% of renters have a security system. That’s a crummy statistic, made even worse by this one: Rented homes are twice as likely to be burgled as owner-occupied homes. There are so many barriers to installing a security system for renters that it’s not hard to see why. Most landlords won’t allow renters to install anything that involves wiring or drilling into the wall, and even if you were given the green light, high monthly fees and a long-term contract might make you opt for a German Shepherd instead.


The Fix For Slow Wifi

Google OnHub Wireless Router: Upgrading your router is one way to fix your slow Wifi
Google's new OnHub Router

The center of your home's digital universe is your wireless router. Not the sexiest gadget in your house, but man, it’s not fun when it doesn’t work (or is painfully slow). Most of the people I work with feel powerless when their connection slows to a snail’s pace: It’s not like routers have a knob you can turn up to eleven (though how rad would that be?). Knob or no knob, there are things you can do to give your Wifi speed a shot in the arm. Let’s run through some of them and see if we can get you up to speed. (That’s a home network joke. Ahem.)